Maren Morris Comes Out as Bisexual During Pride Month Celebration

by Ivy

Country-pop star Maren Morris made a personal revelation over the weekend, announcing that she identifies as bisexual while commemorating Pride Month. In an Instagram post, the Grammy-winning singer proudly declared, “Happy to be the B in LGBTQ+. Happy pride.”

This public declaration marks the first time Morris has openly identified as bisexual, although she has been a longstanding ally of the LGBTQ+ community. Notably, in 2022, Morris collaborated with GLAAD and Trans Lifeline to raise funds for transgender youth after facing criticism for defending trans individuals on social media platforms. Additionally, she served as a guest judge on “RuPaul’s Drag Race” in the following year, expressing admiration for the contestants and acknowledging the historical exclusion experienced by LGBTQ+ members in the country music genre.


Morris’s journey from allyship to personal identification reflects her commitment to inclusivity and support for the LGBTQ+ community. Beyond her advocacy work, she has navigated personal changes, including her separation from fellow singer-songwriter Ryan Hurd in 2023 after five years of marriage. Despite this, the former couple continues to co-parent their young son.


As Morris’s announcement resonates with fans and supporters, it underscores the ongoing importance of visibility and representation within the LGBTQ+ community, particularly during Pride Month.


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