The Rise of Subtitled Streaming: A Global Phenomenon

by Ivy

Streaming platforms have ushered in a new era of global entertainment, offering a diverse array of series and movies from around the world. In the US, subscribers are increasingly embracing content in languages other than English, exemplified by the widespread popularity of titles like “Squid Game,” “Lupin,” and most recently, “Shogun.”

Even English-language shows produced in other countries, such as the UK and Australia, can present challenges for American viewers due to idiomatic differences. Viewers often find themselves pausing to catch lines in shows like Netflix’s “Baby Reindeer,” “Peaky Blinders,” or “Bodkin,” as well as Paramount+’s “Sexy Beast.”


A 2023 survey by YouGov reveals that nearly 40% of US respondents prefer watching TV with subtitles when the language spoken matches their own. This trend is particularly pronounced among young adults, who are more likely to engage in second-screen viewing and multitasking.


Those who use subtitles cite two primary benefits: enhanced comprehension and improved understanding of accents. This practice has become increasingly common, with over half of Netflix’s viewing hours now occurring with subtitles, including support for the deaf and hard of hearing.


Netflix, recognizing the importance of accessibility and inclusivity, has expanded its offerings of films and series with audio descriptions and subtitles. Kathy Rokni, Netflix’s senior director of globalization, emphasizes the service’s commitment to enhancing the viewing experience while honoring filmmakers’ intentions.


The growing popularity of international content underscores the evolving landscape of streaming entertainment. Unlike traditional British imports, which often catered to niche audiences, a wider variety of international imports are now finding success organically, driven by viewer curiosity and exploration.

For streaming services, this trend represents a clear advantage, as acquiring content produced elsewhere is often more cost-effective than producing original programming, particularly amid industry disruptions like actors’ and writers’ strikes.

Whether watching to aid comprehension or simply by choice, the prevalence of subtitled streaming reflects a broader shift towards embracing diverse voices and narratives in the digital age.

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