FDA Reports Illnesses Linked to Diamond Shruumz Edible Products

by Ivy

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued a health advisory reporting a significant increase in illnesses associated with Diamond Shruumz edible products across multiple states. As of Monday, at least 26 illnesses and 16 hospitalizations have been reported in 16 states due to consumption of the company’s microdosing chocolate bars, infused cones, and gummies.

Symptoms reported by affected individuals include seizures, muscle rigidity, abnormal heart rate and blood pressure, and vomiting. Several patients required intensive care unit (ICU) admission and mechanical ventilation, highlighting the severity of the illnesses.


Both the FDA and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), in collaboration with America’s Poison Centers and state and local partners, are actively investigating the outbreak. The exact cause of these illnesses has not yet been determined, but investigations are ongoing, and the FDA has engaged with Diamond Shruumz about a potential recall of the affected products.


Consumers are strongly advised not to consume, sell, or serve Diamond Shruumz chocolate bars, cones, and gummies due to the potential health risks associated with these products. The FDA has cautioned that similar edible products containing cannabis or mushrooms are increasingly popular and may be marketed in various forms, including gummies and chocolates. These products, which are appealing to children and teenagers, may contain undisclosed ingredients that could lead to severe illness.


Diamond Shruumz has not responded to requests for comment from CNN regarding the reported illnesses associated with their products.


The CDC emphasizes that consumers should avoid mushroom-containing products that claim health benefits like improved focus and energy, or that may induce hallucinations and euphoria. Such products pose a potential health risk due to undisclosed ingredients that could be harmful.

In conclusion, the FDA’s ongoing investigation underscores the importance of caution and transparency in the consumption of edible products, especially those containing mushrooms or cannabis derivatives. Public awareness and vigilance are essential in preventing further illnesses linked to these products.

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